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Multimedia Satellite Receiver
Microsat System Setup
A few years back, I designed the Microsat 150 satellite receiver for Norsat, which is a Windows controlled audio, video, and data satellite receiver designed specifically for wild feed hunters.

The Microsat 150 is designed to connect to a multimedia PC and to receive satellite delivered services directly into the PC (a sound card is requires to play audio services, and a video overlay card is required to display and capture video services.

Some of the features of the Microsat 150 include:

Complete computer control
Software for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98
Put channel icons on your desktop, shortcuts on Win 9x
Decodes channel ID data.
Decodes async or sync FSK data channels (has sync to async converter).
Panda audio
FM2 Audio or SAV
Spectrum Analyzer Software
Built-in enhanced drivers for C&T video overlay cards supports channel scan.
Graphic equalizer
Auxiliary Audio / Video input switch
Control output
Remote Control
Auxiliary digital control outputs.
On-screen display
Software to tune automatically from Robert's South Scanner list (although he hasn't
updated it in a fair while)
The dish positioner can be wired in series with most other receivers to control the dish
from both receivers.

You can do nifty things with this like automate channel scanning with the Windows task scheduler, and tie it into triggering a VCR (Use a camcorder with time-lapse and OSD), while the Microsat's OSD records the satellite and channel.

I made a deal with Norsat to rescue the remaining 10 units (since I am the only person left who can support them), and I can sell them for $100 (US) including shipping (by mail). The positioner power supplies will be about ($25) (US) more, but only because of their weight.

This product is no longer available.

I can also make the software source code available and some never released tools and information, probably including the software for controlling the receiver over a satellite data carrier (which can also be used over a network).

For further information download the FAQ and documentation.

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