Step By Step Desk Potato Gear

Print this guide for future reference.

Select the artwork you want to download from the following selection.

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Standard Image Tee Shirt (2 up)
This is the standard image with an aspect ratio suitable for mouse pads and full page printing. A master to make two tee shirts from one sheet of transfer paper. Includes the URL.
th_dpnorm.jpg (6930 bytes) th_dptee2.jpg (16544 bytes)
deskpotato.jpg (85K) deskpotatee2.jpg (98K)
Single Image with URL T@glines Mouse Pad
One image of the same format as the Tee Shirt. Perfect for larger tees, cups, mugs, etc. This unique mouse pad in Word97 format has the Desk Potato image and collection of email taglines culled from the net.
th_dptee.jpg (8524 bytes) th_mousepad.jpg (8175 bytes)
deskpotato.jpg (50K) dpmousepad.doc (1060K)
Wide Image
A wider image for special items where the aspect ratio is different.
th_dpwide.jpg (6542 bytes)
deskpotatow.jpg (93K)

Use the image to make the product of your choice.

Here are some suggestions, but be creative! Feel free to modify the image as necessary, so long as the copyright notice remains intact. Remember that modifying the image does not transfer copyright to you. If you register the image below, you can request a higher quality, TIFF image.

Tee Shirt
pspdl.gifDownload the two-up tee shirt master.   Use Paint Shop Pro 5 and open the picture. Select File->Page Setup and be sure that "Fit to Page" is set.
Set-up your printer for printing tee shirt transfers (see the printer documentation or the information which came with the tee shirt transfers). You should use the type of transfer paper which matches your printer as ink chemistries vary between printers. Using the wrong transfer paper can result in one or more colors binding properly and fading after washing.
Cut between the two images and apply as per the transfer paper manufacturer's instructions.
Mouse Pad Version Type 1
Get a blank, white, mouse pad and follow the directions for the tee shirt. This works well if the mouse pad will handle the heat of the iron. You can also apply the transfer to a piece of white cotton, then use fabric glue to laminate the cotton to the mouse pad.
Mouse Pad Version Type 2
Print the mouse pad image on "Back Print Film". This is a plastic sheet available from Canon, which you print on the bottom side. Attach the printed plastic to a blank mouse pad wit art adhesive
Mouse Pad Version Type 3
Buy a "personalized mouse pad" from your local computer or office supply store. These have a lift-up clear cover. Simply print the artwork on paper and insert it under the clear cover.
The easiest way to make a mug is to use a customizable mug. The procedure is the same as the version 3 mouse pad above. NOTE: You should spray the print with art fixative first, to protect the ink from moisture.
Apply the transfer to a piece of white cotton, then use fabric glue or sew the logo to a baseball cap.

License the Desk Potato Image

The license fee is easily paid right here, by major credit card on a secure commerce server. Registration is handled by Regnow, and is in US dollars. Registered users can request a higher quality TIFF version of the image by writing to with your confirmation number.

The terms are simple: Your registration gets you the right to reproduce and use the image. Licenses are non-transferable (Personal and Distribution licenses are for up-to the prescribed amount; you may not split the license with another party). You may not use a Single or Personal Site Licenses for a product which is to be sold.

Single Use License - $5
You can select the Desk Potato image of your choice and make any one product you choose (eg. Tee Shirt, Mouse Pad, Mug, Hat, etc.).
Personal Site License - $10
License to create unlimited Desk Potato products of your choice for personal use. You can select the Desk Potato image of your choice and make as many products as you want (eg. Tee Shirts, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Hats, etc.) FOR YOUR OWN USE OR YOUR FAMILY.
Distribution License - $20 per hundred
License to create 100 Desk Potato products. License to reproduce the Desk Potato image(s) of your choice to make up to 100 products to sell or give to people outside of your family, plus unlimited copies FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE. For larger volume production, email for information.
Signed and Numbered Desk Potato Gear - $49.95
Choose the product of your choice and the Desk Potato himself will custom craft one, sign and number it! Choose from Tee Shirt, Cap, or Mouse Pad. Includes shipping by mail.   Each item is individually hand-made to order by the Desk Potato himself.